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Every person needs to be fit. At BRFC we make sure you have everything you need to be successful including a supportive and inclusive community, the best facility, programs, and expert coaches who care.

Whether you’re sweating in the sun on the terrace in our BRX class, setting a new max squat in our weightlifting area, or rinsing off in our new showers before heading to work, we are dedicated to making your experience exceptional.

Since 2008, we have been dedicated to the success of our members and always improving to provide them the very best experience and coaching. Our members are national weightlifters from youth to masters, top Crossfit competitors for the past 8 consecutive years, as well as entrepreneurs, moms, high school athletes, and retirees looking to keep fit for a fulfilling life.

It takes a community to change a life and our community has been an incredible influence on every person who walks in the door. Our atmosphere promotes learning and our coaches make training fun and a great workout for each individual. You’ll be pushed, cheered, taught, and changed. We’re more than a gym, we’re a community!

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