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No Guesswork, Just Results!

No Guesswork, Just Results! December 10, 2017

Are you sick of guessing what to eat, how much to eat, and how often? Don’t just guess when cutting calories. We use indirect calorimetry to measure your individual metabolism and give you a plan tailored to your body. No guess work. Metabolism changes with activity, stress, and diet. We’ll guide you through the process, retest your metabolism, adjust your goals, and help you every step of

How much time should I spend exercising? There are 4 right answers.

How much time should I spend exercising? There are 4 right answers. August 1, 2017

       When I first started training my goal was to stop being 92lbs. Seriously, I was 92lbs as a freshman in high school competing in wrestling, tennis, and rugby while attending school with a curriculum heavy in science and math (there was a lot of homework to do). I devoted about 50% of my free time, about 2 hours a day, towards sport and physical activity (doing curls and dips in my roo

Failing goals? This is the answer.

Failing goals? This is the answer. June 26, 2017

by Taylor Hastings Don't focus on the goal As the CrossFit Regionals arrive and pass I have been thinking a lot about my goals inside and outside of the gym, especially after I listened to some words from Coach Ben Bergeron. I came to the realization that goals I set for myself in the past have turned out only to be dreams because of the EFFORT I put forth trying to get there. The best example o

The best hobby you can invest your time in.

The best hobby you can invest your time in. June 19, 2017

     Life can be hectic, and stressful. The chaos can often take over all of our time and become overwhelming. To combat this problem I needed something that I could do for enjoyment, but while attending university I didn't want to invest my time in something that was just entertainment. If I was going to invest time in it I wanted to get something useful out of it. My goals were to stay in

Do not fear The Gauntlet

Do not fear The Gauntlet June 12, 2017

- What is The Gauntlet? Simply put, The Gauntlet will be a test of fitness. The Open comes around once per year and is a great way of bringing the community together around our common goal of improving ourselves and our fitness. The Gauntlet will be a way for our community to come together more regularly to take on unknown challenges, face them together, have fun, and get some feedback on what yo

The Crossfit Open is over, now what?

The Crossfit Open is over, now what? April 8, 2017

The Open is a great time of year where everyone comes together to push each other forward, taking on challenges and often surprising themselves by accomplishing things they didn't know they could! Once the Open ends if you've qualified for Regionals your training gets a bit more focused, for the rest of us it can be easy to lose focus without another week's test to drive us forward. Here's what

How to successfully get in great shape, shhhh it’s a secret.

How to successfully get in great shape, shhhh it’s a secret. March 21, 2017

Motivation is the least important aspect of any successful change. In fact most of the successes I’ve achieved in my life have occurred in periods where I was not motivated. At all. Most of the years I went to Regionals I was not motivated to train. I wanted to do any number of other things, including sleep, significantly more than I wanted to do the training I had set for myself each day. Here

Learning New Exercises Trains Your Brain and Your Muscles

Learning New Exercises Trains Your Brain and Your Muscles January 16, 2017

  Have you heard of neuroplasticity? At this point everyone understands the need for exercise, the health benefits associated, and the risks of our sedentary lives. Most people miss the most important piece of exercise that makes he difference between good exercise and breaking a sweat. Learn how to do something that challenges you.    Doing something only marginally challenging yields little

4 Tips During the Holiday Season

4 Tips During the Holiday Season November 28, 2016

  Life has a way of getting crazy hectic. Our day to day routine works well and then the holidays add a few extra tasks that throw our schedules all out of whack. It happens to everyone so here are a few tips for success during the holiday season. 1. Be grateful. Gratitude for the good things in your life, and daily acknowledgement of accomplishments you are proud of has been shown thr

Is Crossfit for Beginners?

Is Crossfit for Beginners? January 3, 2017

   Yes and no. As a black belt, multi sport athlete, National weightlifting coach, and Crossfit coach for nearly a decade I think I can be considered an expert in exercise and human movement. My answer to this is yes Crossfit is for beginners. There's a catch though. We'll get to the in a second.    Crossfit is a group implemented program. Whether you typically enjoy working out alone or in a


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