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“Am I doing this right?”

This is the problem most people have with losing weight and getting in shape. There’s a lot of bad information out there that will make the process frustrating and unclear.

We remove the guesswork from the equation by measuring your individual metabolism and create a plan to support your goals based on what will work for your body. You’ll have a clear plan to success!

Our Story

We started the F5 Method out of our own frustration with the typical nutrition process, guessing what our bodies needed to be lean, fit, and healthy. After months of hard work we learned a lot of the things that were supposed to work, didn’t. We decided there must be a better way.

Over the next few years of experimenting, trial and error, research, seminars from the nutrition gurus, and countless books we fine tuned or own system to develop a plan of attack that has brought consistent results for members of our gym. We are excited to offer the F5 Method to everyone!

We Offer

  • Metabolic Testing – know your numbers!
  • Ongoing Nutrition Counseling – working with you to help you be successful
  • Community Access – a wealth of information, tips, and support

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