Surround Yourself with Success – By: Jeff Edwards, CSCS, USAW National Coach

"The past 6 years I have been fortunate to have experienced a great deal of
success. The gym has grown from the unused 288sf office space in a small
dojo to nearly 10,000sf facility with our nearly completed construction.
The success stories of the individuals that have driven the growth of our
gym are truly incredible. Countless weight loss success stories losing
20+lbs, medications used to control blood pressure and cholesterol
discontinued, 500+lb squats, 500+lb deadlifts, 300+lb cleans, 250+lb
snatches, athletes qualifying for Crossfit Regionals and USAW National
Meets, life-long friendships forged, and more than a few relationships.

I’m not one to brag, most know I’m a fairly quiet no nonsense kind of guy
who has gained a reputation for a habit of telling hard truths. It is
undeniable, however, that we have had a long history of success and an
incredible community of people. Our history has taught me that success is
a habit within your control. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t control
everything in life that affects you, but improving your health and fitness
is fully within your grasp.

The fitness industry is wrought with self-proclaimed experts who write
articles in easy to skim bullet point format with encouragingly simple
information. Their new shiny product or their easy program to add 50lbs to
your squat or lose 10lbs in a week seem very convincing. The internet is a
wonderful tool to spread information. Whether it’s useful or not is
another story. Things that work usually have a telltale history of
success, things that promise to make your success easy are often a great
money making business but not much else. Fitness is a long term investment
in yourself, arguably the most important investment that is far too often
neglected. Fitness is not a get rich quick scheme. Think of it more like
your 401k. Consistent contributions to your fitness portfolio will pay big
over the long run, and just like a 401k the best time to start is 20 years
ago or now.

Another common mistake is impatience and an expectation that it will be
easy. The misconception that fuels this is that people who are in good
shape must have gotten where they are because they are talented or
whatever other lame excuse someone convinces themselves is true to
distance their struggle from others success. I can tell you from
personal experience, as a competitive athlete and a highly accredited
coach, that this is a shamefully untrue assumption. The hundreds or
thousands of training hours required to accomplish a goal in anything are
hard earned. The best athletes have hit roadblocks, plateaus, setbacks,
motivational black holes, and overcame them with time and persistence.
It’s much easier to convince yourself that you can’t than you can, however
it becomes harder when you are surrounded by hundreds of people who have
experienced success reaching their goals and can help you as well.
Surround yourself with success, and your chances of becoming successful
dramatically increase.

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club