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Jhovana May 6, 2016

I have stuck with the programming you did for me and you were right, my numbers have increased significantly. My upper body seems to get stronger and stronger. I have PR’d many times this week with Push Press (120 lbs), push jerk (170, but I know I can do more), and OHS with 155 lbs (I tried 165 and did not squat low enough but I’m sure I can get it). I am also able to do kipping pull ups, now I need to string them together. The most I can do is about 10 in a row.

I have worked on my snatch, but I feel like I need to get the technique down and I have been watching videos online to get the proper form. I am forever grateful for all you and the other coaches at broad ripple have done for me.

I cannot wait to see what else I can do and to see all my numbers increase. Thank you so much! I did not think I could be so strong.

Once again, thank you so much and I cannot wait to see what’s next!