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Get started the best way possible for long term health and success

– 12 group classes


– personal training

Over 8 years we’ve worked with all ages and fitness levels. We’ve put together the best program for beginners to get you started on your journey the most successful way possible.

Old injuries, poor posture, strength imbalances, bad nutrition habits, cardiovascular capacity, and limited flexibility are specific to each person and need to be addressed.

Most are fit enough to work in a small group setting and be successful. Many people still need personal training, it’s the most effective way to work with each individual’s needs and the fastest way to improve their fitness. In our initial consult, we’ll determine which is right for you.

Our coaches will get you started on the right path so you can be healthier, move better, and use our incredible group classes to improve and maintain a healthy active lifestyle for the rest of your life!

BRX getting pissed

– 50 minute high energy circuit training
– burn more calories than an hour of running
– fun, fast paced group class
– every workout is different

BRX is a fast and fun group class. Get world class coaching with great music to get you moving and get a killer workout. Less time learning technical movements so you can put your energy into getting a great workout and get in great shape!


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– Run Faster
– Lift More
– Get Lean
– Levels Beginner – Advanced
– Comprehensive performance

Our comprehensive program is designed to improve flexibility, build a lean physique, and improve every facet of your fitness. Don’t think this is too challenging for you, our program is designed to be scalable for any age and fitness level, from novice to veteran. Our expert coaches will help you every step of the way, push you, encourage you, and help maximize your improvement to achieve more than you thought possible.

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– Increase Strength
– Improve Speed
– Build Lean Muscle

Our highly successful Weightlifting program will make you more explosive, stronger, and prepare you to compete. Great for athletes looking to get stronger and faster as well as anyone interested in competing in the sport of weightlifting. We have classes for beginners and more advanced lifters.


– 1 on 1 training
– Nutrition Accountability Program
– Individual Accessory Program
– Running Programs

We provide individual programs designed to achieve the fastest results possible. Our expert coaches will work with you to develop a program to achieve your goals! Our exceptional facilities include full locker rooms and showers to help fit training into your busy schedule.