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"I'm new"

If you have no recent training experience, click the button to learn about getting started with our Best Beginner program.

"I have experience"

Dropping in from out of town?
We offer open gym to let you continue your training while on the road, or drop in to one of our classes. $20 per class or $70 for the week. Contact us to get set up.

Have more than 3 months of recent training?
Contact us for a No Sweat Consult and you’ll be able to jump into our classes once you sign up.

Find Your Fit

Burn fat, build muscle, increase your calorie burn and your energy for the rest of the day!
  • Kick your calorie burn into overdrive
  • Build lean muscle
  • Breathe new life into your day

Varied, functional, and high intensity. We've developed our Fit program over 10 years so you can achieve incredible results.

  • Be fit for any of life's adventures
  • Scalable from beginners to advanced
  • Increase strength and cardiovascular capacity

the BRFC Way

Take pride in what you do

The little things matter

Always do your best

Help others

Be kind

Hard work pays off

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