Athlete Profile – AJ

Alfred Johnson (AJ)
Gary, Indiana
2 opens
What led you to CrossFit?
I saw the 2011 CrossFit games and I was like this shit 
looks like it will make me throw up, I got to try it. (Came close, but not yet.) What's has surprised you the most about CrossFit? The first time I did Diane, it was a mess. But it was fun. I knew then that this will never
be boring and I will always be challenged. I was surprised by the fact that it requires so
much more than strength and conditioning What is the movement that you love the most, and why? I like the snatch the most because it is challenging to me. It takes strength, timing,
control, positioning, and balance. What is the movement that you hate the most, and why? I hate Turkish get-ups because they are terrible…that is all What are you most nervous about with the Games? I Don’t Get Nervous What is the one profession you wish you'd tried? I should have tried to be a strength and conditioning coach. I live in the gym anyway. Other than training, what is the one hobby you most enjoy? Other than training, I play video games and party like a rock star What is the one thing you wish people knew about you? I’m pretty much an open book, so I don’t really think there is anything people don’t know
about me.

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club