Training Tips March 27

Body-weight workout

Handstand push ups can be a bit intense, so to do more than the minimum for multiple sets it may be wise to reduce the intensity even if you are able to complete a handfull of handstand push ups. Start with pike push ups on the floor before progressing to elevating your feet on an object.

The alternating curls should utilize little to no body english, control the weight.

Dumbbell workout

Push Jerks with dumbbells are about minimizing the instability inherent in dumbbell work. This means while the dumbbells are rest at the shoulders they should be held firm and not allowed to tip or roll during the dip and drive phase. Keep your elbows just slightly in front of your wrists. Look your arms under the weights and don’t press out the catch. These should build heavier until near failure.

The alternating curls should utilize little to no body english, control the weight.

Barbell Workout

Push Jerk are an explosive movement, the key is to keep the movement short enough to maximize the stretch shortening reflex and joint angles. Deeper dips do not make more powerful jerks. Stay very upright through the dip and drive your feet hard into the floor to launch the bar towards lockout.

Straight bar curls can be aggressive for the rusty wristed (less flexible flexors and wrists), if so substitute supine grip curls.

Conditioning workout

The deadlits in this workout should be below 50% of your max, even lighter if the object is a bit awkward to lift. Make sure you control the weight to the floor and not let your back round.

Bar facing burpees require more focused footwork to keep a quick rhythm and to keep from tripping over the bar or object. Relax your breathing, and smooth out your footwork so that you can do the burpees even faster!

Keep the striking combinations simple and the speed within your range. You shouldn’t throw hard punches if you don’t regularly practice throwing hard punches. Focus instead on driving the punch with a twist of your hips and strong footwork which will add power. Match punches each arm, and feel free to throw jabs, hooks, cross, back fist, knife hand, and of of course the five point palm exploding heart technique. Just not on somebody.

Your goal through the workout is a consistently quick pace from one round to the next without a drastic increase in time for the middle to later rounds. Scale as necessary, this is no easy task. Start at 60% speed and try to increase the speed slightly over the last 4-3 rounds.

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club