Training tips for Mar 17

Body Weight workout:

For the 30s work periods you goal should be to move smooth but fast. This one falls into the spicy not burnt range on the Scoville scale. Keep you feel flat, evenly balanced, and engage your glutes, don’t let your quads take over.

E2M for 5 rounds, go fast. These movements are explosive, so reduce intensity but going easy on range of motion but try to keep the speed up. Make sure your landings with the tuck jumps are ninja quiet (not jarring)

DB workout:

DB Power snatch: Power, back flat, use your legs. Your goal is to move the DB faster each set. It may not seem like it’s moving faster but the effort is the point. Don’t let the speed pull your back loose. Brace,and keep your chest up. Finally, your arms are great but not your primary tool for producing power, your legs are. Be patient, use your legs to start with power.

E2M for 5 minutes: You may use a kb, 1 dumbbell or 2 db’s for the RDL’s, Each more challenging than it’s predecessor. As with the db power snatch, keep your back flat. In the RDL, however, much less quad and almost all glutes/hamstrings. Don’t lower beyond just noticeable tension in the hamstrings. Same goes for the mountain climbers, reach your feet towards your hands but no need to overreach. Thrusters are always a joy, so relax your breathing and try to do most of the work with your legs, not arms.

Barbell workout:

HH Power snatch: Choose a starting weight that’s light and fast, finishing weight should require dialed in technique otherwise technical flaws start to make control more difficult. Fatigue will also affect this so it’s not necessary to go “Max” heavy or let it become a junk show. Drive up fast, pull under, lockout and brace.

E2M for 4 rounds: Deadlifts may not be unbroken, but sets should be big (maximum 2 breaks per set). Shouldn’t be more than 40% of max deadlift. Mountain climbers, bonus points for climbing a mountain (vertical social distancing) otherwise on the ground be sure to reach your feet towards your hands and move fast. Tuck jumps are not just jumps over the bar, attempt to really tuck your knees up and still land ninja quiet.

Have fun and train safely.

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club