Training Tips for March 20

Body-weight workout

Complete the body rows at an intensity that allows smooth movement through full range of motion. Moving your feet closer to the vertical plane of your hands will reduce the intensity while moving your feet further away will make it harder. While we’re on the subject of hands, make sure you’re hold on to something secure, a doorway works but the casing (the wood around the door frame) is often more cosmetic than structural so exercise caution when weighting it.

Split squats should be executed with feet far enough apart for balance, but close enough that your front knee angle is less than 90 degrees. Keep the weight on your front heel and stay as upright as possible.

Dumbbell workout

Rows should start with arms hanging and shoulders slightly forward, and end with the shoulder retracted and elbows about the back. Posture should be hinged at 130 degrees, back extended, knees unlocked.

Low hold split squats begin with dumbbells held at your sides, and throughout the dumbbells shouldn’t stray much from this position. The back knee should touch the floor lightly, then pressing through the front heel the front leg should extend completely.

Barbell workout

Rows. Posture should be hinged at 130 degrees, back extended, knees unlocked. Grip the barbell slightly wider than shoulders for a narrow grip or the width of your wingspan from elbow to elbow for a wider grip. Start with arms hanging and shoulders slightly forward and finish with the barbell in contact around your upper belly/lower chest.

Front rack split squats begin with the bar in the front rack with hands babysitting it during the movement. Stay very upright during the movement and keep you weight heavy on the front heel. Don’t go heavy enough to fail because bailing on these can be very tricky.


The running intervals increase in length and should decrease, somewhat, in speed as the interval gets longer. Really run the short intervals. Use the easy jog intervals to work on running mechanics, midfoot – forefoot strike, back extended, and relax anything not being used to push off the ground or support your posture. If running out and back, turn around after the 60s run to begin the 60s easy jog.

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club