Tuesday June 1/10


The week of June 14-18 I’ll be out of town on vacation. Memberships will be put on hold for that week.

Before Murph. What an awesome group!After Murph, still smiling! I think Adam is getting some devine intervention aiding recovery…Great Memorial Day everyone! We had a great group get together to do Murph in the park, scaring small children and doing pull ups on 3″ diameter bars. You guys did great. And thanks again to the Watsons for hosting the grill out afterwards, everyone had a great time! Plan on more events like this over the summer and fall. Any ideas, let me know. Also, if you haven’t already please donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club