Training Tips March 23

Body-weight workout

The trick here is to find the level where a push up isn’t challenging at first, but as sets progress it becomes noticeably more difficult near the end of each set. Failure shouldn’t occur even on the last set. The key is to maintain stable and controlled posture for so that your shoulders and upper body strengthen rather than strain. Breath rhythmically with your reps and strive to move the exact same each time.

Dumbbell workout

Floor press is a tricky start with heavy weights. Once seated load the db’s onto your raised thighs and as you lay back get an assist from your legs to bring the db’s over your chest. The weight be challenging not not a 8RM. Try to hit 12 reps each set, but don’t push to failure.

Barbell workout

Push Press should be light enough to move quickly and just touch your shoulders then go in the next rep. Keep your feet flat, and weight balanced in your arches not the balls of your feet. Aim for 12 reps, but don’t push to failure.

Conditioning workout

Big sets are easy to burn out on, so it’s good to know your body. Break the big blocks into manageable chunks where you may have to rest for a second or two, but not sit down and break. 4 rounds in 10 minutes is kicker. If you break it up a lot, you’re likly to get time capped and that’s ok. If you can’t push that volume at speed then a reduced workload is appropriate. Otherwise, it’s going to burn. You probably won’t think you can keep going, but you can probably go just a little faster.

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club