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Functional Fitness: Working Out For REAL LIFE

Considering making the move from globo gym to a functional fitness-centered facility? Not sure why you should take a step away from the machines and towards the kettle bells? Come. Sit. Let’s have a chat.

What is functional fitness?
Functional fitness trains you to perform daily tasks and movements. Squatting, pulling, pressing, you name it, you’ll do it! Performing these movements at the gym gives you the opportunity to improve daily activity by emphasizing quality of movement.

We all push, pull and squat every single day. It may not be with a barbell, dumbbell, or any additional weight, but these are movements that are essential to everyday life.


Sitting down and standing up from a chair? You’re squatting!

Putting a box of cereal back on a shelf in your pantry? You’re pushing!

Picking your toddler up off of the ground? You’re pulling!

Why should we train functionally?
Yes, these are incredibly simple movements that you might think don’t need to be trained in the gym, but you’d be surprised how poor people’s everyday movements are when they don’t train them on a regular basis. Ever bent over to pick something up off the ground and pulled something in your back? Can’t seem to push the couch over that final few inches? Groceries too heavy to carry in one trip from the car?

Be a strong, independent woman or man, and train functionally. Let’s squat, pull, push, lift, run, jump, step, bend and hinge together. Moving with the correct movement patterns (putting your body in a SAFE position to move) is incredibly important for a life of longevity and avoiding injury.


What’s one of the best part about training for life at a place like Broad Ripple Fit Club? Everything we do is scaleable. That’s right, we can literally modify every movement for your skill level/physical ability and comfort level. In any group class setting you’ll see a variation of movements performed by our members based on those factors, but they are all still getting the same benefit/stimulus from the movement. A quick conversation with your Coach and you’ve figured out the best movement for you that day.

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Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club