Paleo Weightloss Challenge and New Class Survey

It’s time for another weightloss challenge! Starting Wednesday of next week and ending Friday, Dec 31 with prizes for the top 2 losers based on % of bodyweight. Don’t wait for the new year! Reach your goals now! $10 buy in for participants, you must weigh in by Wednesday of next week!

Success starts with keeping track of how you’re doing. Use to keep track of everything you eat and your exercise (it’s the best free journal I’ve found). Weightloss isn’t complicated, it’s calories burned v calories consumed. Period. Being consitent is the hard part, and the journal will help make that doable.

Eating good quality food will keep you full, happy, and healthy while making it pretty easy to consume fewer calories and lose the weight. Check out the Paleo Diet baics here.


Also, we’re looking into new class offerings and times. Fill out this 2 question survey to give us your input.


Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club