Personal Best: Brent!

Name: Brent

Brent has a PR to share, although it didn’t happen in the gym 🙂

“On Saturday I went in to the Mini Marathon the least prepared I have ever been for a 1/2 marathon. As we all remember all too well, the weather was terrible this winter and I got a late start on running season. The dreary weather and a distaste for running inside kept me off a treadmill. My goal going in to this Mini was simply to complete it standing. I was seriously undertrained compared to previous years and the longest training run I’d completed was just 8 miles.”

Some number to give you perspective:

2013 Mini

Started training on Feb 10th

Completed 15 training runs

Totaled 79 miles in training

2014 Mini

Started training on March 9th

Completed 10 training runs

Totaled 41 miles in training

“To my surprise, this year was my best finish time by over 2 minutes! I credit not only surviving the race but beating my previous best time to training at CFBR. My crossfit training is the one thing that have done differently during the running “off season” this year. The cardio and stamina aspects of crossfit (and no doubt the strength and mobility training as well) were the “secret sauce” that carried me through. I was really amazed by the cross-over benefits I got from crossfit.

Now I’m excited to see how I am able to perform at the next race with a proper training schedule plus crossfit!” 

We are so proud of you, Brent! Thank you for sharing!!

Jeff Edwards

- National Coach USA Weightlifting - Crossfit Coach of individual and team competitors - Outdoorsy nerd - Owner and Head Coach at BR Fit Club