Wednesday Apr 28/10

AMRAP in 20

15 muscle snatch 95lbs

10 knees to elbows

5 handstand push ups

Emily and Michael dragging tire sleds.More from Lisbeth Darsh (I love her articles)

If You’re a Woman, Go Harder and Put More Weight on the Bar

Fri, Mar 26, 2010

CFW Daily

anitajenbarAnita and Jen discuss the load on the bar for “Fight Gone Bad.”

Rarely do I see women overestimate themselves.

We are excellent pacers. It’s like something intrinsic to our nature — some survival of the species instinct that almost forces us to go lighter, go just a tad slower, “save something” for the last round. We worry that our form is not right, that we’re not doing things well enough, that we should stay in the “minor leagues” just a tad longer before we’re ready to play with the big girls.

I saw it when I raced mountain bikes in California. The women’s “Beginner” category would be the largest, with a small Intermediate, and very few Expert or Pro racers. Even tough female mountain bike riders were reluctant to bump up from Beginner to Intermediate, scared that they were not ready for the next level. Over on the men’s side, the Intermediate cat was huge, with guys fighting to get into it, to prove themselves, to make it to the next level. The only men who stayed at the Beginner level were sand-baggers — guys with small cojones who wanted to dominate longer in the small pond with the little fish.

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